PORTICO - a Community Church, Mississauga, Ontario



PROJECT: The architects responsible for the addition to an existing church building at PORTICO invited STEPdesign to provide the Interior Design for the facility. The facility houses Contemporary, Traditional, Youth and Children’s Ministries - all requiring an independent identity, yet tied together with common lobby spaces. Existing facilities were renovated in keeping with the new spaces.


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“I am writing to commend you for the excellent service which you provided as the Interior Designer on our construction and renovation project. Given the scope of work that we were undertaking, it was imperative that we retain an interior designer who could both envision the redesign of our existing facility along with a master design for our new construction project. Your knowledge, skills and proficiency of design are truly remarkable. You were an absolute delight to work with. Your insight and suggestions along with a comprehensive design palette, resulted in a finished design that exceeded our expectations. Given the size of our constituency, I fully expected feedback, which often reflects expressions of individual preference, on the finished design. I am delighted to tell you that both our guests and church family are thoroughly impressed with the outcome. Thank you for helping us achieve our vision.”

-D.R., Senior Pastor, PORTICO Community Church, Mississauga

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Main Entrance and Lobby

It is important to establish a design theme that looks professional, functions well and is within budget. STEPdesign has designed a wide variety of Churches and worked with many committees to achieve individual and unique facilities. We can help you achieve the right design for your Ministry.