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The ensuite washroom was updated with state of the art cabinetry and plumbing fixtures.


“Our home looks pretty, Desiree, due in large part to you. Thanks for all you did to get us there - again! Thanks for your visionary yet collaborative approach to our renovation. Our work with you not only paid off in our immediate enjoyment but it also promises to make our home more marketable. Our realtor and stager were very complimentary when they toured out home. Soon it will be time to enlist your help to make choices for our condo.”

-G.B., Thornhill

PROJECT: To update the family home for enjoyment in the short term and ultimately to prepare it for sale. The owner had purchased a condo with a two-year closing date. Careful planning meant the newly purchased furniture and accessories would also fit in the new condo in the near future. Knowing where things would be placed and reused in the condo gave the client confidence in making decisions and new purchases.

The furniture and are rug look great here and will fit in the new condo plan in the future.

Artwork and accessories finish the look and their future location in the new condo has already been planned.