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PROJECT: To provide interior design expertise for all areas within a building addition as well as renovating areas within the existing building. This included the sanctuary, lobby, nursery, cafe, hallways and office area. It was important to tie all areas together with a continuum of colour for a uniform look.

Bethel Pentecostal Church, Sarnia, Ontario

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BEFORE: Flags and wooden pews, single projection screen was in adequate.

AFTER: The Tri-Projection Screens are dynamic and facilitate the multi-media presentations. An acoustics engineer was brought in to fine tune the room with sound baffles and suggested equipment. Colours and materials were specifically chosen to work with the existing stained glass windows and to provide a warm, neutral, inviting space. (Other areas of the church are still under construction, photos will be posted when they become available.)

It is important to establish a design theme that looks professional, functions well and is within budget. STEPdesign has designed a wide variety of Churches and worked with many committees to achieve individual and unique facilities. We can help you achieve the right design for your Ministry.